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Marketing and Lead Generation need to be effective – not complicated, especially for small businesses just entering the market. With our Google Ads Management Service, your business can expect consistent results.

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Google Ads Management


Have an established business? We can fuel growth by getting you more qualified leads.


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Will you create the Google Ads account for me?

No, the Google Ads account should be created by you for your business. This is because the setup requires sensitive information, such as business details and billing/bank details. We will help you navigate the steups but you would need to complete the setup. This only takes 10 minutes.

How do I give you access to my Google Ads account?

To manage your Google Ads account from our manager account, we need the 10-digit customer ID which is shown in the top right corner when you’re logged into your Google Ads account. Once we have it, we will send a request to access your account. You will be able to remove our access at any point in time.

What kind of campaigns do you do?

We only do Search Campaigns because the main industries we service are home improvement, local service-based businesses like construction, home cleaning, auto detailing, and contractors.

Does your price include the Google Ads budget?

No, the management fee is only for our Agency. Your billing details will be on your Google Ads account and Google will be billing you directly.

Can you audit my account to see what needs to be improved?

Yes we provide FREE Google Ads Audit to see how the account is setup and what improvements we can implement to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Will you write the ad copy?

Yes, absolutely. We will write compelling ad copy for your landing page and Google Ad. We pay special attention to the keyword research and integrate that into the copy.

Will we have regular calls?

We keep clients regularly informed and ensure your queries are replied to within 24 hours. Communications will be done via email, calls or Loom (video message). We will have a monthly call to go over results and plans for next month to keep consistent results.

Can you guarantee sales or conversions?

No, we can’t guarantee Sales or Conversions however we can guarantee a high-quality account structure, proper landing page design, quality website traffic and proper conversion tracking. 

To maximize success, we suggest you get back to leads promptly, answer questions, close the sale and provide quality service.